Famous Folk

What world would be complete without its heroes and villains. Or more importantly, the bartenders who serve your ales and the wealthy merchants who pays you the rewards. This section deals with some of the most renown people on the face of Mystara, whether for their heroic quests, beautiful voices, or depraved deeds.

Singers, Poets, and Scribes

The following people are famous artists and entertainers whose songs and poems are renown throughout the world.

Akatrina (human, female, T2)

Akatrina is a Traladaran painter who has earned some fame at painting nobility and other famous folk. To date, her most impressive painting is of Count Anaxibius Torion of Redstone; a painting of him when he was still a gladiator training Thyatian soldiers during the war between Thyatis and Alphatia in the Wrath of the Immortals.

Akatrina is an attractive young woman in her early twenties. Standing exactly 5 feet tall, her long black hair is tied back in a tail. She loves to wear revealing clothing, as it draws attention to her, and hence her work. She also has blue eyes, an unusual and believed to be lucky trait among the Traladarans.

Berthog the Mighty (human, male, F7)

Berthog is a proud warrior from Ostland who participates regularly in the World Games. Since AC 1012, he has won several competitions, including wrestling, weight lifting, and discus throwing, and many believe that he may just be the strongest man alive. Between World Games, he travels through Darokin and Thyatis, putting on displays of his strength in numerous villages. Many children love to watch him life wagons with his bare hands, and his tales of pirate raids are also entertaining.

Berthog is a extremely muscle-bound human with pale blond hair, a full beard, and a scar running down his right cheek. His bright blue eyes show a merriment and zest for life, while the battle axe he always carries on his belt says he's ready for anything.

Emilio the Great (human, male, no class)

Emilio is a Darokinian who was traveled the Old World, performing shows in almost every major city. The thespian has written several successful plays (such as The Goblin and the Knight), and several flops (notably The Sinking of Alphatia). Despite his uneven performances, Emilio continues to receive much sponsoring by wealthy Darokinians. His favorite cities are Selenica and Mirros, although the eccentric actor can be found in virtually any civilized city of the Old World.

Emilio is a tall man in his mid fifties. He tries to hide his age by dying his hair black and wearing a thin mustache. His eyes are brown. He dresses in high-quality clothing and is never seen without his silver-headed cane; except when performing, that is.

Falinost (elf, male, F3/M3)

Falinost is a Shiye Elf from Shiye-Lawr who was adventuring on the continent of Skothar when his homeland sank beneath the waves. Upon returning home and hearing of the fate of his kindred, Falinost was struck with such grief that he often contemplated suicide. Instead, he turned to writing, and his poems and short-stories are some of the saddest anyone can bear. Beneath the Waves is his most touching tale, in which he describes all that was dear to him and now lost beneath the Alphatian Sea. Falinost's current whereabouts are unknown, and many believe that he has tried to reach the Hollow World upon learning that Alphatia might still exist deep beneath his feet.

Falinost has pure silver hair and bright amber eyes. He was always well dressed, and easily became upset when adoring fans accidently wrinkled his clothing.

Yolanda of Luln (human, female, no class)

Yolanda of Luln is a famous Traladaran singers in her mid thirties.

Famous for her songs on love, heartbreak, and tragedies, Yolanda has a beautiful voice that has regaled even the Royal Family of Karameikos. Her most impressive song is The Black Tyranny, which talks about the suffering of the people of Luln during the reign of Ludwig von Hendriks in the nearby Fort Doom. Yolanda rarely travels outside Karameikos, and can usually be found at the Black-Heart Lily in Mirros.

Adventurers, Mages, and Heroes

The following people are heroes and adventurers who have risked their lives to save others, earning their gratitude, adoration, and respect.

Erian (shadow elf, male, no class)

Erian is the son of King Telemon of the Shadow Elves. This young prince boldly marched into the mist of the civil war and demanded that his people stop fighting amongst themselves. The prince was then hit by a stray arrow; an event which caused the nearby elves to stop their battles. The respect they have for their youngest prince, risking his own life for his people, was enough to cause a cease-fire. Erian ended the civil war, and many believe it is only the first step on his way to greatness.

Ludwig "Black Eagle" von Hendriks (human, male, F13)

Ludwig von Hendriks in an evil man who was once known as the Black Eagle Baron in the nation of Karameikos. His title was removed by his cousin - King Stefan Karameikos - for the cruel and inhuman treatment he gave the inhabitants of his land. Halflings of the Five Shires soon kidnaped the former baron. But the Black Eagle was rescued by the forces of Prince Kol of Glantri, and he has been a guest of New Kolland ever since. Ludwig became a Glantrian hero upon slaying the Golden Khan, hence saving the nation of Glantri from the Ethengarians. Warriors of the magocracy now look up to the most popular man in the nation - a man who isn't a mage!

Ludwig is a handsome man who dresses entirely in black, which fits in perfectly with Glantri's current fashion. Though nearly in his sixties, he only appears to be in his early forties thanks to his continuous training and excellent health. He hair is, fittingly enough, completely black with no traces of grey. He wears a well trimmed beard and mustache.

Most Wanted Infamous Villains

The following people are wanted in various nations of the world, often with large rewards for their capture.

Eligible Bachelors and Heiresses

The following people are

Distinguished Dead

The following distinguished people are reported to have met their demise in AC 1014.

,br> Khan of the Yakkas in Ethengar. Chagatai had been the khan of the Yakkas for 39 years. He died of natural causes on of last year, and was replaced by his eldest son as khan of the tribe.
Chagatai had just turned 69.

Mikhaelevich, Davinos

A young Traladaran man from Kelven, Davinos had approached King Stefan Karameikos about reparations for Thyatian transgressions against his people. He was killed on Felmont 3 by agents of the Veiled Society, a hate organization based in Mirros, who were hoping to stir up anti-Thyatian sentiment in Karameikos.
Davinos had recently turned 19.

Doverson, Lenard

A cleric of Vanya, Lenard Doverson had the misfortune of being caught up in the Inquisition taking place in the Heldannic Territories last year. He was put on trial for heresy, and executed before a court of his peers on Yarthmont 14. Perhaps not coincidentally, the very next day, all Heldannic Knights reportedly lost their clerical powers.
Lenard was 20 years old.

Al-Kalim, Mohammed The former Sultan of the Emirate of Ylaruam was a direct descendant of the legendary Ylari hero, Suleiman al-Kalim. He was executed, along with his Council of Preceptors, on Kaldmont 21, following a civil war in the Emirates.
Mohammed al-Kalim was 57 years old.

Oktai Khan

Oktai, Khan of the Taijits in Ethengar, was executed by the Great Khan. He was revealed to have betrayed the khanates through his dealings with Glantrians and goblinoids.
Oktai was 40 years old.

Ragnisdottir, Astrid

We are sad to report that Astrid Ragnisdottir, a Mystaran Almanac Correspondent and cleric of Odin, was killed last year during the Battle of Falun Caverns. She had sustained serious injuries during the final battle against a horde of fiends on Klarmont 25, and was unable to recover. Her contributions to the Almanac, and her presence, will be sorely missed. We hope that she has found peace in the halls of Valhalla.
Astrid was 45 years old.

Rhoona, Stephan

Duke Stephan Rhoona, of Vestland, was killed on Fyrmont 10 of last year, during an invasion of his dominion by goblinoid forces. A strong supporter of King Harald Gudmundson, Duke Stephan's rule was plagued by tragedies, such as the time he was placed under a curse by an Ethengarian cleric and his northmen allies.
Duke Stephan was 67 years old.


The shaman of the Hardanger kobolds and personal aide to the kobold leader Psa'gh, Thra'gh was slain on Klarmont 23 by his own missummoned fiends. The kobold was reportedly 78 years old.


There have been unconfirmed reports that Xanthus, the former king of Blackrock in Esterhold was slain when his skyship crashed on Thaumont 25 of last year, during an attack on the Kingdom of Verdan by NACE forces.
Xanthus was 65 years old, and was renowned for his cruel treatment of Jennite slaves in his kingdom.