The lands to the far north of civilization is a land of constant warfare and power struggles between the nobility. Once united as the Kingdom of Norwold, with the disappearance of Alphatia, the region's former king was unable to hold onto the reins of power. Now the land is dotted with hundreds of small kingdoms, counties, baronies, and other type of dominions.

The realms of Norwold follow the old practice of feudalism, with the local lord controlling all aspects of life within the dominion. All the rest are merely peasants who toll at their leader's whims. Some are lucky and have benevolent rulers, while others are treated no better than slaves by the tyrants who holdthe crown.

The level of education in Norwold varies greatly, as do the cultures of the inhabitants. Those who colonized from Alphatia tend to be literate, as do the people conquered by the Heldannic Knights (thanks to their forced education of the ways of Vanya). Those of Thyatian descent are semi-literate, while the native Antalian people are mainly uneducated.

Norwold is a land where the title of nobility hangs loosely on anyone with power. Rulers rise and fall constantly, and their power reaches only as far as their armies can reach. Alliances are made as lesser nobles swear fealty to more powerful ones, only to find independence once their liege is overthrown.

Many adventurers with money and time to spare try to carve out their own dominions within the valleys of Norwold, only to have another self-proclaimed noble take it away with his own army. Those with patience enough to try again, or those capable enough of holding their own can quickly forge a dominion that will last years. Norwold is the place where the bold and daring can hope to carve out a nation of their own.

Encompassing all the northeastern area of the continent of Brun, Norwold stretches from the frozen Arctic Ocean all the way south to the Mengul Mountains. The beach along the Alphatian Sea delineates the Eastern margin, while the imposing Icereach Range cuts off western Norwold from the rest of the world.


Correspondents for Norwold

Here is our list of correspondents


This Traladaran mage is the Baron of Arcadia, a remote and wild dominion in northern Norwold. The solitary wizard tells us about his barony (and himself) in the description of Arcadia.

Christopher Dove

Formerly an explorer and archeologist renowned in all the nations of the Old World, Christopher Dove has spent the last ten years teaching Archeology and Ancient History at the Univeristy of Corun in Corunglain (Darokin). He has published famous essays on the Nithian and Milenian civilizations, and has made many interesting discoveries in the past years, the last one being the finding of the Tomb of Nennaya-Sherat.

Now in his late fifties, this scholarly and well experienced fellow has agreed to join our cadre of correspondents on behalf of his student and our friend Ursula Bremen: he will cover the region of Wendar (of the Old World) and Denagoth for the Almanacof this year.

Synthala of Aasla

Born in the once famous city of Aasla, Synthala is a ranger who worships the Immortal Zirchev. Having loved animals as a child, she quickly moved to the wilderness lands of Norwold as soon as she could afford it. Her home is now Alpha, the City of Rangers and Foresters. From there, she travels the breadth of Norwold, exploring all the wilderness she can.

This year, Synthala reports to us on Alpha, Oceansend, and the Arch of Fire.