This section describes the lands known as the Savage Coast. The Savage Coast is a frontier land, with continuous goblinoid invasions and squabbles between the local lords. Most of the land is in ruins and is mainly unexplored. Colonized over the centuries by the riff-raft of the Old World, most people are unscrupulous and the law of the jungle often prevails. The natives who lived there (goblinoids, savage rakasta and lupins, etc) are none too friendly either, and are often hostile towards humans and demihumans.

Some of the natives are more civilized, such as the rakasta of Belayne or the lupins of Renardry. In fact, along the Savage Coast, race is often ignored and non-humans can fit in easily to human society. Instead, nationality is the main source of pride, and several nations have had century long feuds in which there appears to be no end in sight.

In this land, the local lords make the rules, and others are poor and uneducated peasants who must follow their whim. Many an adventurer has broken free of this feudalism and wanders the land, without a home, in search of fortune and fame. There are more adventurers without loyalties on the Savage Coast than anywhere else on Mystara.

Unique to this land is a strange metal called Red Steel. This metal is as strong as normal steel, but much lighter, making it a prized possession by all warriors. Red Steel is more precious than gold, and rulers have sacrificed entire armies to try and control its trade. Many grand quests has the goal of finding Red Steel, and many wars still go on because of it.

Finally, the entire land is falls under the sway of the dreaded Red Curse. This affliction deforms all those it affects, transforming them into hideous beasts. Even stranger, some of the inhabitants seem to have learned how to control this curse, gaining wondrous magical powers known as Legacies. It is rumored than once you are affected by the Red Curse, you cannot leave the Savage Coast otherwise the curse will destroy you.

Adventure can be found by exploring the many ruins and searching for ancient artifacts. But on the Savage Coast, Red Steel and the mastery of Legacies are the true keys to power and fame!

Located to the west of the Old World, the Savage Coast stretches almost 2000 miles in length. It's southern shores lie against the Western Sea of Dread, while the west is blocked by Yalu Bay. To the east, the Great Waste separates the Savage Coast from the Old World. Finally, the north is bordered by the Yazzak Steppes, home of the endless hordes of goblinoids.


Correspondents for the Savage Coast

Here is our list of correspondents that give us detailed information on the nations, places, and events of the Savage Coast. They are all people whom Rikard Prospero has convinced to write to us about their homeland. We, the editors, wish to thank them all for their contribution.

Hernando Cagliostro

Hernando is a refugee who fled Narvaez, apparently because of something to do with the Inquisition there. He now studies magic in Ciudad Real, and has mastered several cold-related magic spells. He enjoys scholastic research and has a dislike toward the priests of Narvaez whom he claims hide the truth.

Hernando talks about his native Narvaez, as well as the baronies of Gargona and Saragon.

Piotr Drobnjak

Adventurer and part-time merchant, Piotr is our correspondant for Slagovich and nearby states. A devout follower of Halav, the young Piotr has a deep knowledge of City-States affairs.

This year he describes us his hometown, Slagovich, and the mysterious land of Hule (this one just from bibliographic research). As you read this Piotr is probably sailing north toward Hule to give us a in-depth correspondence about that still unknown nation.

Gnighmen Lodestar

Gnighmen is a wicca [Mage. Ed.] of the clan Lodestar from the flying city of Serraine. He is a minor member of the clan who is greatly interested in the cultures of the areas over which the city flies. Gnighmen is an inquisitive young skygnome who is, whilst practical by gnome standards, still fond of sarcastic humour.

Gnighmen makes a report of the kingdoms of Gombar and Suma'a during a trip he made there incognito during Flaurmont of this year. [Ed. The report was passed on to the editors of this article through Matazumi, a resident we have contact with from the flying city. The existence of the areas described by Gnighmen has previously remained unknown and the truth of their existence must remain in question owing to the temperament of thegnome race.]

Rikard Prospero

Former owner of the Poor Wizard's Almanac (property of TSR, the Thyatian Services and Reviews), the book that started the Mystaran Almanac series, Prospero now travels the lands of the Savage Coast, describing to us all the wonders he discovers.

This year, the mysterious yet meticulous wizard once more describes to us a few of the Savage Baronies along the Gulf of Hule.