Welcome to the Mystaran Adaptions for Dungeon Magazine #66

Welcome to the Dungeon Magazine page, here I'll give you advise on how you can adapt you dungeon adventure to the world of Mystara. Right Now, Dungeon issue 66 has 5 adventures and 2 sidetreks adventures, sidetrek adventures can be placed anytime, and anywhere when you wish to sidetrek from the adventure for a while. without we'll start off with the adventure Operation Manta Ray.

Operation Manta Ray

For Operation Manta Ray, I Have Chosen Four Locations for The Known World Region. We start off with Catabelpos, in Alcove Island of the Ierendei Island. My research of the Ierendei Islands showed that Alcove Island is a haven for Privateers and pirates, making Catabelpos a perfect place for use the map of Immurk's Hold and run Operation Manta Ray. To Start the Adventure, depends on what city you are at, in the Sea of Dread region, in order to be contacted. In the Karameikos region, specifically Mirros, Have Prince Devon Hyraksos, future King or Prince-Consort of Karameikos to try and commission your party for the adventure, in Shireton of the Five Shire, Have the party contacted by the leader of the Shire's navy, Seashire's Shireff Sildil SeaEyes, Lord Admiral Kilmer will fit well in Athenos(Darokin), Kerendas(Thyatis), Minrothad, and Ierendei City. For the Alatian Islands, Try the City of Never do'well as the setting for Immurk's Hold, It was said that the region is a huge Den of Thieves, you can have the party contact at Aegos by the Governor-General of Aegos, the Governor of Rainbow Park, Gaity, or one of General Brodericks subordinates, Lord Admiral Kilmer in Aeria, or any of the NACE territories around the Alatian Islands, the object is to search and rescue the sponsor's Spy out of the Pirate city, Whether it's Catabelpos, Never Do'well or Immurk's Hold. For those of you in the Eastern Bellisarian Region, You can place a hidden city of Immurk's hold some where in a small chain of barrier island(the island off the coast of North Carolina are Barrier Islands) off the Minaean Coast, since Nace has been fighting pirates off the Bellisarian Coast for Centuries placing a city of 5000 bloodthirsty pirates will be easy near the Minaean Coast. You have the PCs contacted in Any of the Bellisarian nation Belonging to NACE by Lord Admiral Kilmer. For my final Choice in the Known World is in the Northern Reaches area, you can place Immurk's Hold somewhere in one of the islands of Ostland or an island Shrouded in Fog Between Ostland and Helskir. Do me a favor and give Immurk's Hold a Nordic Name, for you contact to the Adventure to start can be Lord Admiral Ragnar Olafson, no matter where you are, Helskir, The Northern Reaches, and even the Heldannic Territories if there is a possible way, for them to refrain from attacking your mages. Try something creative for the Recognition Signal when playing the adventure since Chessenta is a Torilian Confederate Nation.

For the Savage coast, in the City-State Region near Slagovich, Place Immurk's Hold in one of the Island off the City-State of Hojah. Since a few of the Island in the Hojah Chain are unexplored placing a Pirate city outside the Haze Area is a good idea, a requires little or no need to adapt the Citizens from the Red Curse. You can have the PCs contacted by Lord Admiral Kilmer of any City-State navy whether it's Slagovich, Hojah, or Zvornik. For the Baronies region, Immurk's Hold map can be use for Vilaverde's Capital Porto Prieto, it's Been known that the ruler Baron Jorge "O Temerario" de Vilaverde is supported by a council of Sea Captain, Mostly Pirates. so placing the adventure there is a plus for those wishing to put some red curses in the game. The Pcs, can be contact by "el senor admiral"(pronounced ad-me-ral) Cortes from any of the coastal baronies except Cimaron County which has had very few pirate, since they don't seem to like be pelted with Wheel Lock Pistol Bullets. For the Central Region my Only suggestion is the Place Immurk's Hold in one of the Twin Islands or Ilhas Gemeas of the Texieran Terr. near Renardy and Eusdria this is a Good locale for people wishing to have Rakasta, and Lupin pirates added to the adventure.

For my final Choice and it's the only choice for the Hollow world is to logically place the Adventure in the Merry Sea Pirate city of Baragas and have the Adventurer work for the Milenian in rescuing Manta Ray. There isn't any need to explain why the name of the Territory speaks for itself.

Those wishing to continue after the Adventure should get The Pirates of the Sea of Fallen Stars, Monsterous Arcana: Sea Devils, Of Ships and the Sea Accessory, or use the Dungeon module Vesicant as a sequel to the adventure, if you wish to create a long sea campaign.

The Sunken Shadow

The Sunken Shadow Adventure, i recommend that it be that it play at any point south of Dunadale, at any coastal city of town, For those on the sea of dread coast, the ship's journey should take you into the Ierendei Isles near Alcove Island, or Safari Isle For those in the New Alphatian Sea, the ship's journey should take you close to Egret Island. Those in Western Bellisaria, The Ocean's call will take you to the Minean Coast some 30 miles from the Coast. Arkos Seatamer in the Story is a Well-known Sea Paladin of Proteus, and his job was to try to help rid Mystara of the Pirates that prey on the merchant ship of the Known World, his origin are Karameikan, he has fought side by side with a fellow Karameikan priest Devek Harpwind, a priest of Halav, together they fought off pirates in the Sea of Dread and The Minean Coast, earning a reputation as Pirate Hunters, their latest victim was a Pirate Queen named Kirella Shadowgale, upon capturing her, Arkos wanted Kirella Eel-shaped armband for himself, during a trip back to port to take Kirella to justice, consumed with greed for the armband she wore, Arkos moved to slay Kirella, only his friend Devek tried to stay his hand. Lashing out in Anger, Arkos Drove his Cutlass Through Devek's Chest and later Killed Kirella, Devek Dying cursed his once-friend with the Curse of becoming a were-eel upon Devek was properly Buried. Devek with no memory of what happened after the freak storm the formed after the priest's death, woke up on dry land several days later, and has assembled a new crew and bought a new ship to renew his campaign, and now it is the job of the PCs to work on this Salvage mission.

This Adventure Can be play anywhere in the Gulf of Hule region, the location of the Shipwreck should be 20 miles near the Korcula Peninsula, For Arkos Seatamer origin you can have him come from the City-State of Slagovich or Hojah, Devek would Definitely be from the City of Slagovich, which happens to have a large following of the Immortal Halav(ex. The Knight Of Halav) Kirella would be a Pirate Queen hailing from Texerias. For the Central Savage Coast Region the location of the wreck about 210 miles from any port city, given Devek the same Slagovich origin, and give Arkos origin to be from the Kingdom of Eusdria, and Kirella is still Texeria

For those In the Hollow world, have Arkos and Devek come from the Milenian Empire, and Kirella to be a Merry Sea Pirate (Of Course), and of course have the adventure start in any port city of the Milenian empire.

Enormously Inconvenient

This module is short and can be placed anywhere near a chain of mountains like the Mountain pass between Darokin and Ylaraum, Blizard Pass between Ringrise and Hinmeet, or the Colosus Mountain pass in Glantri.

The module is very adaptable with only only problem, The Red Steel Territories between Texeiras to Herath don't happen to have a lot of mountains, it'll fit in with the mountainous land near the City-State of Slagovich, you might try the mountains or hill of Almarron, or definitely the Mountains of Eusdria, or Robren for this adventure, as for Renardy or Belleyne that highly unlikely to my knowledge, but i'll it when the time comes

For the hollow anywhere near the World Spine Mountains is fine, Makai isle is o.k., as well as Sundjapur.

The Petrifying Priestess

For this Module, my favorite setting is to replace Pinecrest with Dolos or Nemiston in Darokin between the Darokin City or Selenica, and replace the Periwood forest with the Cursed Canolbarth forest of Aengmor, the Mace of Samoren should once belong to a Devote priest of Mealiden Starwatcher, who died over a century ago. Give the Mace the power to commune with Mealiden only with no chance of insanity. This adventure has to do with an elven magicla mace, and so i'll be picking lands with elven territory for Karameikos you can use the Radlebb as the town of Periwood, and set a portion of the Radlebb Forest, as the Periwood forest, with the Mace belonging to the Calarii, this weapon is not an artifact. For Thyatis, try the Estate of Vyalia and the town of Vyalia as the setting for Pinecrest. For Glantri, try the Principality of Erewan and the City of Erendyl to set the PC on a mission to recover a mace, stolen by the Gobliniods of New Kolland. For Norwald, try to have the PCs. visit any of the foresthome of the Elves of Norwald near Alpha who need the Mace to fight back the Heldanners from invading their territory. I have little info on any elven tribes in IoD, i would try Laticea, or place Pinecrest some forty mile due east of Laticea, in the Forest of dawn. Bellisaria, i have little info, but I'll update when the time comes.

For the Savage Coast, for Torreon, my best choice to put Pinecrest is to Set it in Las Chambas, it location is prime for this module, to the north of Las Chambas is a forest that happen to be inhabited by the Yazi Orcs, and Goblins, which happened to raid a church devoted to Milan and stole his mace. In a nation, where Elves happen to be a Plurality, being that most of the Nobility in Torreon is Elven, this module in my opinion is perfect for the module. For Narvaez, try Paz del Sol, elves are common in Narvaez, so use the Las Chambas Scenerio to run the Module in Paz del Sol, Narvaez. Gargona is known to treat all race as equals, many races have settled, including a few Lizardkin and a few Gobliniods would make this an interesting site to run 'The Petrifying Priestess' module, have Las Navas take the place of Pinecrest for the adventure, I'll Update sometime next on Eusdria and Robrenn for Petrifying Priestess.

Orange and Black
This adventurer takes place in a remote location where tigers arn't normally found, in Karameikos, my most logical choice for this adventure is Rugalov Village in Eastern Karameikos. It's more than twenty miles from the City of Kerendas. The adventure comes in two parts, first is the rescue of the lost boy, the second involves if the party is lucky and not have so much hack-and-slash, try to return Gristy back to his Normal human self. It involves going to a temple of Oshalla, which I would prefer to call it a lost shrine of Terra, Oshalla was a druid-priestess of Terra, who hated magic, so much that she had her shrine to Terra somewhat of a dead magic zone. For the name of the wizard, who polymorphed gristy into a tiger, you can try Krazen, although the event of the Polymorph happen twenty years before the Party tries to return gristy back to human form, and Krazen could be either an Archmage, a lich of Dymrak Swamp or Dead depending on the DM's choice. The Family of this adventurer can be set in your choice of Kerendas or Kelvin, it's been said in the DM section that Gristy Parents are wealthy merchant in a City north of Rugalov. For other locations in the Known World, You can try Whiteheart in the Soderfjord Jarldoms, due to the fact that there are various Nithian Shrines, and after the fall of Nithia, the Immortals wiped out all memory of Nithia, thank to the Seed of Oblivion, plus it has a good nordic flavor for characters to hunt a tiger that isn't suppose to exist in nordic territory. The best site for this Adventure outside of Sind, is Hendry a Village in Darokin, 40 miles southeast of Darokin city. The Canolbarth forest is largely unexplored, and the placement of the Oshalla temple is Perfect there, Gristy parent could be members of one of the nine great merchant houses of Darokin, which means a great reward for returning their lost son.

For those of you campaigning in the Savage Frontier, here some area to run Orange and Black, for Those of you in the Baronies, Try Almarron's Paso Dorado, as far as I know, a Shrine of Oshalla or Nithian or Oltec origin is Possible, have Gristy Parents come from the Cuidad Real, Gargona. For the Barony of Narveaz, set the adventure in the Village of Paz del Sol, and set the Shrine in Yazi Territory, to give your party some action, have gristy's parent living in Cuidad Quimeras (Trans. "Burning city")or Cuidad de Leon (Trans. "City of Lions") , and Finally the village of Guajaca, with the shrine near the Redlands, east of the village, and have his parents set in Cuidad Morales. For those of you in the mid-Savage Frontier should place this adventure in Posteras in Terra Leoca, a Villaverde colony, for those of you Robrenn, Nantuatis in the County of Suerbia is a perfect setting for the module, first of all Robrenn and Eusdria is primarily owned by a Druidic councils that decide on who will rule their country in one(Eusdria), and happens to be influential in another(Robrenn), so putting a Terra shrine once own by Oshalla hater of all magic that perverts nature is excellent in these two kingdoms, you can adapt gristy's parents as being Druidic, and Gristy as a Knight that was charged with an Errand to slay the evil sorcerer Krazen, in which he failed and was turned into a tiger, as a result of his failure for those of you wishing to adventure in Eusdria, the village of Erstel is a good setting to have this adventure run, and you could place Gristy's parent in the city of Othmar. Finally I have chosen setting for those of you using Humaniod creature west of the Human lands, first their Shaai on the Venom River west of the Herathian Capital, Asgamoth. For those of you wanting to adventure in the Orc's head Peninsula, the Other Orc's head location is Cana-ui` s. of Ithucua on the Xinga River in the Kingdom of Jibaru, set the shrine of Oshalla somewhere west of Cafua`. For those of you wishing to Venture in the Lizardlands, my choice are Hweezah w. of Tu`eth in the Kingdom of Cay, and T'lak or Ssik'k N. of Ah`roog in the Kingdom of Shazak. For the first time ever, i Have decided on putting a land of the Arm of the Immortal site for an adventure, the Preuve, a colony belonging to the Kingdom of Renardy, a kingdom of Lupin is a good place for the Adventure.

This is the end of the first Mystara's adaption of Dungeon Modules for all those of you who wish to continue playing AD&D games in the Mystaran more will come on the way. see ya.

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