Dungeon 67

This magazine comes with only 2 sidetreks which can be placed at any convenient place. For the Little People sidetrek place in along a much traveled road were the characters are traveling on the way to the next section of the adventure, it be interresting for them to discover a Dead Magic Zone, possibly a by-product of the Nucleus of the Spheres, after the week without magic. Eye of the Storm can be placed anywhere there's normal rainfall with the exception of Ylaraum which receive no rain fall what-so-ever. It a mid-level Sidetrek Adventure (levels 6-8), and can be used to break the monotony of any adventure. It has one Ravenloft module, set in Gothic Earth, so it's already been preset you, all you got to do is send your PCs to Gothic Earth and the run you can run by the book.

Witches Brew

Although the adventure is set in the Savage Frontier of Toril, (i.e. the world of Forgotten Realms) The Adventurer can be placed in Mystara. Unfortunately, the areas are very few in the Known World as i can only find Three places that could fit the description of Woody Glen in the Module. For the Adventure requires a village that happend to be in a large Forest, near a mountain range, and happens to be next to a river of Stream. The adventure is set for levels 3 to 5. the Character's job is to gather some ingredient for a sage/Wizards depending on where you are. For those of you who base your adventures in the Southern Known World, i'm sorry but none of the area in Karameikos, the Shires, Thyatis, Darokin, would fit the right Description of Woody Glen. Rifflian would have worked the only problem is that it more of the Merchant station The Northern Reaches are a Perfect alternative to the Savage Frontier of the Forgotten Realm, most of the North's Dieties, are Nordic, Celtic, and Gaulic in origin, which can be set in the Northern Reaches and Can compliment the Northern Reaches Dieties. My choice in the Northern Reaches that fit this Adventure the best is Whiteheart village in the Soderfjord Jarldoms. Kamen is a Sage living in Soderfjord or Blackwater for this adventure looking for ingredient for a potion he needs to heal a friend(either from the war between Soderfjord and the Kobolds, or a deadly illness if you are set before 1013 A.C.) The Village of Whiteheart, meets all requirements, it is set along the Otofjord river, is in the Whiteheart Forest, and is close to the Great Marsh making it a perfect setting for Witch's Brew. In Glantri, the Village of Moullins in the Principality of of Nouvelle Averiogne, meets almost every requirements for the adventure, Moullins is at the edge of the Morlay Woods, it's on the Isoile river, and happens to be in close proximity to the Kurish Massif Mts., and the Silver Sierras, Have Kamen as a Minor Noble of Glantrian Parliment, who has commisioned you to gather the ingredients for him, (he is nobility, dirty work is beneath him), but he'll pay well for them. That's it for the Known World, on to the Savage Frontier

In the Savage Frontier, there is only two locations that fit in well with the adventure, one is in the Savage Baronies, and the other is in the Central Savage Coast, so putting legacies on NPC is your choice, The Ingredient the PCs are gathering could make the PCs think it a cure for the Red Curse, in the Savage Baronies, the only suitable location for the Adventure is the village of Punto escober, in the Barony of Narvaez, as i said early it the only suitable location, that on a river, at the edge of a Forest, and the Terra Verhelma plateau is the only highland they close to. In the central Savage Coast, Trira of the brony of Frisonnia, Eusdria is excellent for the adventure, it close to the King's mountains of the Nielegard Mts., and the Village is next to the Erd River, and Kamen can be your choice of a Magic-user or a Druid based on your of what you want to be in Eusdria.

Training Ground

Now, in this adventure, it can be used to introduce or continue, the PCs inter in the lost empire of Nithia, or Taymora. depending on where the adventure takes place. The Module is set for level 5-8, the setting for the Adventure was originally set in the Forgotten Realms, but thanks to seven days of research, i was able to find places to put this adventure. In Thyatis, i have chosen two good towns, to take the place of Hill's Edge, one is Vinton on the Isle of Hattias, i know that Hill's Edge is landlocked and happens to be next to river, but think of Vanya's Girdle as a BIG river. On Hattias replace the Villianous Zhentarim with Hattian, that worship Vanya or Thanatos, and wish to be separated from the Thyatian Empire, Set the Training Ground, North of the Trail between Vinton and Hattias, the Capital, not the Island, and East of the trail from Hattias to Port Hatti. The Training Ground can based on your preference, Nithian, Taymoran, or if you wish to create an Arcane Age Version of Mystara, Blackmoorish. the Second and Final Thyatian site, is Kendach on the Island of Dawn, with the Leaning Stone between Kendach and West Portage, the Training can be of Nithian Origin.

Uzaglu of the Underdark.

now this adventure can be used to introduce your team to the Night Below Campaign, where your characters get to visit the Underdark, its entrance can in any country with a mountain range, one such entrance was mentioned in the Poor Wizards Almanac, in Karameikos. It can make for an interesting dungeon crawl in the Falun Caverns of the Soderfjord Jarldoms, as well as the many caves and tunnels discovered by Darokinians in the Corunglain region, as well as the Black Hill of the Broken Lands, you can even create a Graakhalian entrance in a cave at the foot of the Adri Vadra plateau if you wish, as well as the Collossus Mts. of Glantri, The Wendarian mountains, the Wyrmteeths, and Foot of the Denagoth plateau are good place to create an entrance into the underdark. In the Alphatian region, there are three place to put the Adventure, one is at the base of the Great Escarpment otherwise known as The Upper Thothian Plateau, another area is at the foot of the mountains of the Surshield Wall, and at the foot of the mountains of of the Kingdom of Largius. The Base of the Plateaus and Mountain of the Esterhold Peninsula are perfect in setting upper the intro to the Underdark adventure. The Black Mts. of Hule can used as well as the mountains of the Claw Peninsula as the closest access point for those living in the City-States or Baronies of the Savage Coast. The Plateau of the Terra Verhelma, or the Red Lands is not good since the lands is guarded jealously by Hule, the Baronies of Texieras, Villaverde, and Torreon. so an Underdark passage is highly unlikely for that part of the Savage Coast. Now the Central Savage Coast, Region to place this adventure is caves at the foot of the land of the Carnax, and the Land of Cassivellonis, north of the Confederated Kingdom of Robrenn, as well as the the Mountains in the center of the Kingdom of Eusdria, as the northern part of the Niedegard Mountains. unfortunately for the lands west of the Nildegard Mts from Dunkirk to Porto Scorpiao there no mountain ranges there to create a entrance, unless you wish to put one in the Forbidden Highlands that lie in the central region of the Orc's Head Peninsula. Of course for the Central Arm of the Immortal Region, there are plenty of places to create an underdark entrance from Preuve north of the Bay of Feathers to Texieran colony of Porto Maldicao, or its village Mato Grande, previded that your party cross the Rot Swamps, or Orcish tribal lands of the Ghonam Tribe to reach the place, or try and make it even deep in the lands of the Sulkar Tribe. on the opposite side of the Arm of the Immortal are the Demi-Ogre kingdoms of Gombar and Suma'a, the Red Curse it very unfamilar there, and it's eastern border are the mountains of the Great Immortal Shield for which you can use to create an entrance to the underdark. The last Region to place this modules are by starting at the foot of the Adakkian Mountains of Davania south of the City-State of Hrissopoli. This will cover all the region need to use this module as well as serve as part of where in Mystara can i start the Night Below Campaign.