Mere of Dead Men Part 1: Slave Vats of the Yuan-ti.

The Story takes place in a swamp, for this story can be a perfect scenario for your campaign depending on where you are in the Known World or the Savage Coast.

For those of you in the Known World, let's start off with the Kingdom (or Grand Duchy, depending on when in time, you are)of Karameikos, my best choice for the site is the Achelos Swamp, what would make this a perfect scenario for the group to take on a major member of Karameikos dreaded Iron Ring, by the name of Esau Enoch, who can be a Chief Lieutenant of the Iron Ring. The Players are to first sight an announcement placed throughout all of Karameikos from Kelvin, to Luln ask for partys for help clear the Achelos Swamp by member of the Karameikos Free Merchants Guild. Politically, it is to improve relationship with the Five Shire, and the Elven Estate of Achelos(if you party exists after the estate was created in 1010 a.c.)