Welcome to the Rod of Seven Parts adaption for the Hollow World of Mystara

Welcome to Rod 7's headquarters for the Deluxe module of the Rod of Seven Parts for the Hollow World of Mystara. To get right to the point, Our Team has determined two Secret Origins for the Rod 7 own main NPC for the Deluxe Module which happens to be Popalotl, The Immortal Candidate mentioned in PWA 1011, he is on his final trial of Polymath, by recovering all Seven Parts of the Rod for the final time to gain his immortality, your character will get a chance based on their success to see the ascension of an immortal. The Secret are for DM's only, to get them you must answer the following four questions.

1. What the name of Hule's Leader.

2. Name the two Merchant Houses that have had a Darokin Chancellor in the history of Darokin.

3. What is the True Origin of King Kol?

4. Name the item in which the Shadow Elves gain access to the Radiance.

send the answer to me at Mktriton@hotmail.com, and you get the http code to access the two secret origins of Popalotl, whichever you would prefer. The Rod of Seven Parts have a Dragonball effect, once you cast your wish the split off, and go in seven random directions for you, to try and find them the very next year. now here are the Place in which I recommend for the following parts of the module.

Have it in the outskirt of the Milenian Empire, near the Mountains near Kubbitt Territory. Have King Syril as an ancestor of the Milenia Emperor, if so, the Rod as a lost heirloom to the Milenian emperor. This is where you meet Popalotl, and hear his quest for the Rod of 7 Parts. His condition for immortality is that he must obtain it, along with a group of adventurer to chronicle his journey.
At the Sign of the Golden Cockatrice

For this adventure, My suggest is to have it at the city of Baraga, The major city of the the Merry Sea Pirates. The Inn and the region is rowdy enough to please, any fan of the hack an slash, and could give you a chance to use the Swashbuckling system of the Red Steel accessory set.

Incident At a Footbridge
Play this incident at any civilized region of the Hollow world.

This Adventure should happen at the mountains where the Schattenalfen elves. This is a good way to get your character to infiltrate a shadow elf city in order, to obtain a piece of the rod.

Uninvited Guests
This is good. Place this Adventure in an Azcan city of Huitlaktima, where the Characters will barge in on a Diplomatic Marriage between an Azcan Noblewomen, and a major member of the Merry Sea Pirate's council, This Marriage could spell trouble for the Future of the Milenian empire, or you could have it, in Nithian where the Marriage between a Nithian Noblewomen, and a Antalian Chieftain could spell trouble for the Milenian Empire.

Now for this portion of the adventure you can place it in a place, where you don't expect the people to be friendly, so I suggest Shahjapur. There is where the people tend to be xenopobic of strangers. so finding hospitality there will be rare. In fact, you can have the character land there after a shipwreck due to a freak monsoon storm, on their voyage.

The Forgotten Temple

For adventure can take place in nithia, where you can find a temple that once belonged to Thanatos, or in the Milenian empire, where there's temple belonging to the Immortal Nyx.

The Citadel of Chaos

The Portal leading to the citadel are few and far between due to Worldshield preventing any type of teleport other than that of an Immortal. But a portal that was made by an Immortal the best i could suggest, would be found in the Floating Continent of Alphatia, near the Place where Alphaks first made landfall. I say that the Ruins of Sundsvall holds such a Portal the such a Citadel. As for the effect of the Wave of Chaos, that is Reserved for the DM section of Rod7's Hollow World DM section, there are two effects from to differing waves of Chaos, depending on the which origin the DM uses for Popalotl. have Fun and Happy hunting

As of Thaumont 19, 1997 a.c(12/19/97). have hunted for a piece of the Rod.