The History of Jack Diamond

Jack Diamond was created from a poker game between four army buddies, who spent sunday nights, critiquing the PPVs, while in Fort Gordon, Ga. Near Augusta. When one day upon discover E-wrestling decided during a RP night between himself and his buddies, they decided to join this E-fed. They wanted to be the Horsemen, but Jack D. was against it saying it was too commonly used, they needed to be unique. Upon reading the Deadlands game, he came upon the Story of the Dead Man's hand, of the poker hand that Wild Bill Hickok had in his hand upon his death in a poker match. It is known in Old West Poker rules, that the Deadman's hand can Beat a Royal Flush. Since it is possible despite the very high odds, for 4 people to hold a Royal flush at the same, but only one can have the Dead Man hands also known as Jacks and Aces. One of those cards, in that hand was the Jack of Diamond, and thus Jack Diamond was born from the Dead man's hand.

He won many Titles in that E-Fed with the Dead man's hand stable, until the E-Fed Folded, The Stable Split for greener pastures, and Jack went to the EEW, and won the KOTR title, the Tag Title with his brother, Ace Diamond, U.S. Champion at the time.

Then Fed folded, and Jack Diamond left for C-slam. There, he joined IRCW, and formed a partnership with Vanguard which came out of mutual respect for one another as they were expecting to take on each other for the IRCW People's Title. That Match never happened. The Two Became a Tag Team known to C-Slam as the New Age Enforcers or NAE, Jack Diamond won the People's title on 3 separate occasions, causing the commisioner, Judge to rename the title, The Diamond title for his abilities as a Excellent flasher. Jack Diamond Joined Xtasy for a short time. During his time in Xtasy as a member of IRCW Xtasy Posse. They ran the Stable against the likes of Fear, and the Assassin's Guild. Upon arriving in CWF, the NAE discovered that the Posse was slowly leaving Xtasy due to a conflict of interest. It was discovered that members of Xtasy made it a policy not to slam each other in any match what so ever, unless it's for a title. This was different from the Posse faction, who slammed each other in any match for the Entertainment of their fans, for them it was the love of the game not the titles that allowed them to stay as part of the Posse. During those month, NAE won the Tag Titles, and Vanguard won the World Title. In February, due to a dispute between the Fed. head and the NAE for the Fed Head's fault in causing a disruption in the continuity of a Tag Title defense by the NAE, who lost it to their opponent, The NAE left Xtasy. Since then, the NAE had been on a good streak and later regained the Tag Belts, during the transition month to the elite status, Jack Diamond has won the Underdog, Hardcore, and Tag Titles with Vanguard. At the end of the month, Vanguard was forced down to the majors, while Jack was allowed to remain in the Elites. Since Becoming Elite, Jack Diamond has been making waves as the only Tweener with Face tendencies to face off against the tidal wave of heel talent. In July's FPV win the CWFeProficiency title against two of the Major's stable big talent, Prototype and Greenhell. Now, Jack Diamond After losing the title, wishes to create a Stable that will one day rival the likes of the Covenant and the Nocturnal Supremacy. With the Help of his Inner Circle, he hopes to achieve that goal within a year's time.

Right Now, Jack Diamond is currently a Founding Member of the Conspiracy Theory, and is using an Alter Ego by the Name of Tarot, to Create the Sabbat.