Hardcore Hardware Store Match

Jack Diamond Vs. Kenbeniot

Micheal Cole: I am here with KenBeniot at the Home Depot, any words before your match with Jack Diamond.

Kenbeniot: I am tired of that Dork, Jack Diamond, refering to me as Kenny McCormick from South Park, O.K. I had a few laughs at that post. But, I will do to him, what I did to him at IRCW in that same match, I will NAIL him, I will HAMMER, I will PAINT him black and blue, I will.....

Jack Diamond:(offcamera) SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

Kenbeniot: Yes, I will Shut Up, Wait a minute, who stole my thunder.

Kid Rock's "Cowboy" Plays from a Boombox that Jack Diamond has, who is wearing a hip holster with two nailguns in each holster, Jack Diamond lowers the Boombox grabs the nailgun and points it at Kenbeniot.

Jack Diamond: If I were you, hombre, I'd back the F*** off.

Kenbeniot:(backing up) I will still beat you like the loser that you are.

Jack Diamond: Yeah, say it again when you win a title in the CWFe.

Micheal Cole: JD, what are you're chance to win this match.

Jack Diamond: Cole, you are always such a Stupid fellow, I will win, this is too easy for me.

Micheal Cole: C-C-can you tell the fans why?

Jack Diamond: O.K., One, He's Canadian, and there are only 3 great slammers from Canada, Raymond, Burnt, and Bizzaro_CK. Two, This is the second Chihuahua to challenge me constantly, the first being Backlash who I ran from the CWFe, last month. Now, you're next Kenbeniot.

Micheal Cole: Anything else?

Jack Diamond:Yeah. I do have something else.

Jack Diamond Pushes Micheal Cole to the wall, and nails his shirt, and pants to the wall.

Jack Diamond: Hang around it should be interesting. (Stalks after Kenbeniot.)

Micheal Cole: But I have an interview with Freeze soon.

Jack Diamond: Tell him the Tampax Bay *ucs suck.

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