Month in Review: Klarmont 1015
First Week in Review

KLARMONT 1, AC 1015: Ierendi Crown Tourney.
Location: Ierendi. OW

Description: The two contestants with the highest scores in today's Royal Tournament of Adventurers become King and Queen of Ierendi for a year. This year is as exciting as the rest of them as the most famous adventurers from around the world compete fiercely for the title.
At one point during the competition, a woman in the crowd goes into labor. The adventurers stop their tourney and rush to aid the woman, as do a few others in the crowd. The child is born without any problems thanks to the help of Reston (king until yesterday and current competitor) and Joshuan Gallidox (who was in the crowd). Reston and the other adventurers who helped are given extra points by the judges for their heroic deeds and sacrifice of time from the Tourney.
The young woman is often called "Strawberry" by the locals due to her gardening skills at growing the fruit. As for the name and gender of the child, you'll just have to ask Strawberry.

What The PCs Can Do: They can also participate in the birth of Strawberry's child if they are present. Also, they can be in the Crown Tourney, trying to win the crown for a year. If no PC male manages to claim the throne, then Reston will win for another year, extending his all time record of victories.

KLARMONT 1, AC 1015: Deimos Defeated.
Location: Sable Tower, Broken Lands. OW

Description: A group of adventurers discover Sable Tower and confront the lich Deimos. After a great magical battle, the lich is destroyed. Sable Tower comes crashing to the ground soon afterwards. (See Ya. 12, Ya. 18.)

What This Means: Synn has just lost a powerful pawn, and her plans on Darokin will be put on halt for several years. If she discovers the identity of the adventurers who killed Deimos, she will probably try to end their lives as quickly as possible.
With Deimos gone, the surviving shadow elves allied with Synn (about a dozen of them) return to Fenswick. The goblinoid problem in Darokin should come to a quick conclusion now that they are without leadership.

What The PCs Can Do: They can be the adventurers who find Sable Tower and defeat Deimos. The exact location of Sable Tower is left up to the individual DM.

KLARMONT 2, AC 1015: Showdown at Sambay.
Location: Town of Sambay, Jalawar, Sind. OW

Description: Hool's Great Migration attempts to sack the town of Sambay, after having spent the past week or so raiding small family settlements in the grasslands of Jalawar, and playing hit and run with Jalawar forces. Unfortunately for Hool, Sambay is home to a large encampment of Hulean forces, with orders from the Master to put an end to the goblinoid menace. The two forces clash inside and outside of the town. (See Fl. 3, Ya. 19; Kl. 6, Kl. 26.)

KLARMONT 2, AC 1015: Concordia Halts at Ionace.
Location: Ionace, NACE. AS

Description: The Concordia stops at the capital of Ionace to pick up the Alphatian diplomat. There, they learn that the better way to pass through the anti-magic zone is by going out of the Shyshield into the void, then plunge into the hole between the world and pray. The Alphatians propose to provide the crew with enough airmasks within the shortest time. (See Th. 15, Ya. 15; Fy. 9, Am. 13.)

What This Means: The Alphatians have no knowledge about Haldemar's exact tactic (using the ripstorms near Green Bay, and using Leo's mechanical device). They know, however, that going in the void is deadly without airmasks or an especially enchanted skyship. Unfortunately, the Concordia does not have the proper enchantments (the Alphatian skyship stolen by the Karameikans and the Heldannic Knights had). Getting enough airmasks will take some time, however, as the Alphatians don't have enough in reserve. They will make some and buy everything the gnomes of Serraine have to offer.

KLARMONT 2, AC 1015: Honor Crusade Issued.
Location: Forest of the Curse, Wendar. OW

Description: After a brief private meeting, the Clanleaders of the Alfheimers agree that if there is no place for them in Wendar, then they will carve out a new dominion of their own claiming back the forests of Denagoth as their rightful legacy from the Geffronells. Clanmasters Durifern and Beasthunter issue the Honor Crusade to retake Geffron, and indeed many elves (not only Alfheimers) respond.
Somewhere else, a dark figure caresses the skull of a dragon while staring at the scenes passing on a strangely carved mirror. (See Ya. 22, Ya. 27; Kl. 10, Fe. 1.)

What This Means: The Alfheimers have had enough of the Wendarian hostility and cowardice and think it's time to act for the pride of their race. The memory of their exodus from Canolbarth is still burning in their hearts, and this seems the right opportunity to feel alive and united again. They want to find a new home, to avenge their brethren but above all to show the world and themselves that they are as fearless and brave as they've always been.
As for the mysterious figure, this is the person who's behind the troubles Wendar is having and is about to experience in the near future. However, its identity will remain hidden for now.

KLARMONT 5, AC 1015: The Master Strikes Back.
Location: Raneshwar, Gunjab, Sind. OW

Description: The forces of the Master of Hule, drawn from nearby Kadesh and Peshmir, have finally organized to strike at the resistance movement, now operating out of Raneshwar. The rebels have been spending the past month getting rested and equipped, and they are more than ready for the Hulean forces. The siege of Raneshwar begins. (See Fl. 19, Ya. 4; Kl. 9, Kl. 10.)

What This Means: The underground has made their base in the beleaguered town of Raneshwar. They are aided both by the rajah of Nagpuri, as well as secret allies from Darokin. Both the Freedom Warriors and the Followers of Gareth have grown in strength, bolstered by Sindhi from Nagpuri.

KLARMONT 5, AC 1015: Oceansend Declares Independence.
Location: Oceansend, New Heldannic Territories. NW

Description: Early in the morning, Councilor Olaf Yarrvikson barges into Governor-General Hermann Adalard meeting room with 30 armed men behind him. The former king demands that Adalard immediately surrenders control of Oceansend to him. Outnumbered and out-armed, the Heldannic leaders surrender.

Meanwhile, large militia forces attack the various Heldannic barracks throughout the city. The Heldannic Knights start organizing their defence when they discover that most of the ballistae pointed into the city have been sabotaged. Even worse, the peasant mobs are very well armed.

The Heldannic Knights manage to hold their own and even start winning against the Oceansenders. But their hard earned victories are destroyed when several contingents of Rocktooth Dwarves suddenly appear within the city walls and attack the Knights. When word reaches the Knights that their commanders have been captured, most surrender.

By midday, Olaf Yarrvikson announces that Oceansend is free once more, and that he is again their rightful king. (See Fl. 3, Fl. 20; Kl. 10, Fe. 2.)

What This Means: The Heldannic Knights have just lost their most important stronghold in Norwold. The news will be a terrible blow to the commanders back in Freiburg. The Fifth and Sixth Division of the Glory of Vanya had been sent to reinforce the soldiers already there to prevent just such an incident. Yet still, they failed.
What they hadn't counted on were the Rocktooth Dwarves of Kildorkak. For the past couple of years, the dwarves had been smuggling weapons into Oceansend, but the Knights never could figure out how. It seems that there is an underground entrance to the city sewers, which the dwarves have expended into several connecting tunnels. When the Heldannic Knights began torturing every dwarf they found - believing them to all be weapon smugglers - the Rocktooth Dwarves vowed to help overthrow the tyrant rulers.
Olaf Yarrvikson was able to bring a couple dozen loyal followers into the palace unnoticed and easily staged the coup from there. As for the sabotage, a few of Oceansend's mages specialized in invisibility spells working in conjunction with members of the Dark Mask (the local thieves' guild) accomplished them all the night before. The Dark Masks suffered greatly under the Heldannic banner as the Knights were very effective at controlling crime, so they decided to throw in their lot with the rebels.

Now, 2500 Knights are dragged and chained up in the dungeons of the palace.

What The PCs Can Do: If in Oceansend, they can affect the outcome of the battle in the streets of the city. Unless they happen to be very highly regarded by Olaf Yarrvikson or Hermann Adalard, it is unlikely that they can prevent Yarrvikson from capturing Adalard and hence ultimately regaining control of the city.

KLARMONT 6, AC 1015: Hool Captured!
Location: Town of Sambay, Jalawar, Sind. OW

Description: The siege of Sambay comes to an end today in a decisive battle between Hulean forces and those of the Great Migration. During the engagement, the Supreme Hool attempts a daring strike against the defenders, only to fail dramatically. Most of his strike force is killed, and Hool himself is captured. Leadership of the disorganized Great Migration falls onto the shoulders of the not-entirely-sane Nizam Pasha, who immediately orders a retreat from the field. (See Ya. 19, Kl. 2; Kl. 26, Fe. 11.)

What This Means: This is a devastating blow to the Great Migration once again. Numbering about 6,000, with maybe 50% of those fighting forces, they will have a hard trek attempting to get out of Jalawar. Nizam retreats to the north, onto the sparsely populated grasslands, but he is harried by Hulean forces for much of the way. Even worse, there is dissent amongst the ranks about the change in leadership; Nizam is not nearly as charismatic a leader as Hool.

What The PCs Can Do: There is ample opportunity for PC involvement, either as members of the besieging Great Migration, or as inhabitants of Sambay, trying to defend themselves from the goblinoid siege.

KLARMONT 8, AC 1015: Harpooned Halfling Happenings.
Location: Five Shires. OW

Description: Several halflings throughout the land have been disappearing without a trace. No remains are left behind, and no tracks are left on the ground to follow. The increase in foreigners in the area gives too many suspects for the Krondar (local Hin watch) to suspect anyone in particular. (See Fl. 3, Ya. 12; Kl. 22, Fe. 15.)

What This Means: Several Glantrian mages have been promised admission into the Great School of Magic if they bring at least twenty living halflings to Marsheem. They are using a flying raft to scoop up the halflings and disappear "without a trace."
Marsheem is actually an agent of Synn and is following orders to further isolate Glantri from the rest of the world. He doesn't expect the hirelings to succeed, but if they do, they could be useful to Synn - especially if she learns about Blackflame.
Those who own GAZ 8 - The Five Shires, are encouraged to use adventure #6: The Harpooned Haflings Happenings for a better description of this adventure.

What The PCs Can Do: They can discover the Glantrian kidnappers and free the halflings. Once they know of the details, the Sheriffs of the Shires send a formal protest to Glantri. With a cold reminder of the events in Eirmont 1012 Glantri states that if the Five Shires "is experiencing difficulties with 'Glantrian kidnapers,' it's not due to any activities sanctioned by the Princes of Glantri. Besides we're too busy with those barbaric Ethengarians to care."
Diplomatic relations would become very strained.

KLARMONT 8, AC 1015: Arrival at Vanya's Rest.
Location: Vanya's Rest, eastern Davania. JC

Description: Herr Wulf's ship finally reaches Vanya's Rest, amid much surprise from the Knights stationed here. Upon disembarking, he arranges to meet the fort's commander, and informs him that he has received orders from Vanya to commence a quest without delay, which will require the aid of a select group of soldiers stationed here, as well as the party he brought with him. He plans to make a formal announcement first thing tomorrow morning. (See Ya. 10, Ya. 11; Kl. 9, Kl. 15.)

What This Means: Herr Wulf is merely following Vanya's orders, now that he has reached his destination. He plans to gather the best soldiers stationed here to accompany him and his party towards the interior, where he knows the hated Milenians live.

KLARMONT 9, AC 1015: The Heretics of Ixion.
Location: Puerto Morillos, Narvaez. SC

Description: Baron Hugo of Narvaez, to defuse the tension growing between the Afflicted and those not Afflicted, declares all Afflicted blasphemers toward Ixion. They have been punished by the great Immortal, and should be treated as less than people. The Inquisitors begin a purge of the Afflicted, causing many to flee to other Baronies. (See Va. 10, Th. 12; Kl. 12.)

What This Means: In the religious lands of Narvaez, being an Afflicted is now as good as a death sentence. In fact, many of the Inquisitors lead holy crusades against the Afflicted, killing them without even the benefit of a trial (not that a trial actually saved anyone accused by the Inquisitors). The Baron decided upon this course after much pressure from the religious leaders of his nation. Being a reverent man, Baron Hugo agreed to follow the will of Ixion. Little do they know, but even the priests of Ixion have been manipulated into this by several Narvaezan Fiends (see Monstrous Compendium - Savage Coast Appendix). They're completely ecstatic with the fear and hatred running rampant throughout the barony.

KLARMONT 9, AC 1015: The Crusade Begins.
Location: Vanya's Rest, eastern Davania. JC

Description: Herr Wulf delivers a speech this morning outlining his divine mission from Vanya - nothing less than a crusade against the Milenians to the far west. He shares the knowledge that Vanya imparted to him before his quest began - that the descendants of those people who opposed her in life still exist. He asks for 200 dedicated Knights to accompany him and his chosen party on this journey to restore the honor of the Heldannic Order. The enthusiasm is so great that he is forced to pick among those wishing to go, and before noon today, preparations begin for the journey that is to begin that afternoon. (See Ya. 11, Kl. 8; Kl. 15, Fe. 9.)

What This Means: Herr Wulf has imparted some of the knowledge given to him by Vanya, and he managed to be persuasive enough that he will have a small army accompany him and his party.

What The PCs Can Do: The players may listen to the speech and be inspired, or they may ignore it. Afterwards, they will more than likely be pressed into service; the small army requires ample supplies for itself and the war horses that will be ridden.

KLARMONT 9, AC 1015: Vestland Makes A Petition.
Location: Darokin City, Darokin. OW

Description: Emissaries from Vestland make a petition to representatives of the Western Defense League in Darokin today. They request that Vestland be allowed to join the WDL along with other of the Old World nations. The WDL deliberates, but it seems likely they will grant Vestland's request.

What This Means: Vestland rulers are increasingly concerned about their nation. Warmongering Ethengarians and Heldannic Knights to the west of them, and now the Ostland and Soderfjord uprisings in the south and east. They desire the added protection and support that the WDL can provide them with. The WDL is intrigued by the offer. They have already lost two members in recent years - Ylaruam and Rockhome - and are eager to increase their influence.

KLARMONT 9, AC 1015: Breaking the Siege.
Location: Raneshwar, Gunjab, Sind. OW

Description: In an attempt to break the ongoing siege, it is decided that a small force of rebels, led by Anand Brishnapur and Sitara Rohini of the Garethians, will leave the city and draw off a portion of the Hulean troops. They manage to escape the city, but the plan backfires; as the escaping army turns to trap their besiegers in a two front attack, they are surprised to learn that reinforcements for the Huleans, sent directly from the capital of Sayr Ulan, are fast approaching. They are caught between the two armies, and things look bad. (See Ya. 4, Kl. 5; Kl. 10, Kl. 11.)

What This Means: This is actually a bit of double dealing by the Himayas of the Freedom Warriors. They were informed of the approach of the reinforcements by allies in the palace of the rajadhiraja. Figuring that this was a prime opportunity to rid themselves of the leaders of the Followers of Gareth, they convinced them that the best way to end the siege was to try and capture the Huleans between two armies. As things stand, the only ones trapped are the Garethians.

KLARMONT 10, AC 1015: Followers of Gareth Escape.
Location: Raneshwar, Gunjab, Sind. OW

Description: With the guidance of Anand Brishnapur, a brilliant strategist, the small force of rebels that escaped Raneshwar manage to outmaneuver the Hulean forces that confront them. Anand leads the rebels through the midst of the Hulean reinforcements in a daring night action, with a minimal loss of his own troops. He guides them into the mountainous regions surrounding Raneshwar. Unfortunately, the Huleans immediately lay in to the city of Raneshwar once more. (See Kl. 5, Kl. 9; Kl. 11, Fe. 1.)

What This Means: The Himayas underestimated Anand's resourcefulness, and now their plan has backfired. The Freedom Warriors are quickly beginning to lose the fight for the city.

KLARMONT 10, AC 1015: Norwold Lords Revolt.
Location: New Heldannic Territories. NW What This Means: This is a dangerous time to be a Heldannic Knight in the Norwold section of their territories. Except for Landfall and Forton, the allegiance of all other towns and strongholds is now completely uncertain. Most Knights retreat back to one of those towns rather than risk entering one which may side with the rebels. This fall back of the Knights of course allows even more minor lords to try their luck at independence.

What The PCs Can Do: If they're Heldannic Knights, their best bet is to get out of the area as quickly as possible. If they themselves are lords of minor baronies, they might try to revolt as well, or maybe face the armies of nearby revolting territories.

KLARMONT 10, AC 1015: To Paint a Royal Picture.
Location: Thyatis City, Thyatis. OW

Description: Emperor Eusebius hires the famous Traladaran painter Akatrina to paint a portrait of his daughter Valentia. The child has just celebrated her first birthday today.

KLARMONT 10, AC 1015: Crusaders Head North.
Location: Forest of the Curse, Wendar. OW

Description: The Elven Crusaders have assembled in the past days in the Alfheimers' territory and are now ready to begin their quest. They leave today and march northward led by Durifern and Beasthunter. Many Erendyls led by Gilfronden and Genalleth elves also join the Crusade. The humans of Wendar sigh in relief watching so many elves leaving their territory. In fact, after last year's illness they are a minority, and this has so far contributed much to their paranoia against the elven race. (See Ya. 27, Kl. 2; Fe. 1, Fe. 5.)

What This Means: The call of the Alfheim clanmasters has not fallen on deaf ears. The whole Grunalf clan and the majority of the Longrunners have joined the Crusade almost immediately, while it took a bit more time for General Gilfronden of the Erendyls to be persuaded. About one fifth of Grunalfs (300 out of 1500) and two fifths of Longrunners (1800 out of 4600) remain in Wendar, mostly those unable to fight. There are also many Genalleth elves that join the mission to testify that they are not a weak and coward folk, together with other Alfheimers belonging to the minor clans (about 2000). The Crusaders that march northwards are about 6200 strong.
Doriath, as well as the majority of Erendyls and Mealidils do not participate in the Crusaders because they think it's better to wait for the outcome of the events in Alfheim before taking drastic decisions: the other Alfheimers understand and let them be.

[Note, to DMs who have already exposed General Gilfronden as a shadow elf, replace him with another famous elven General of your creation. There must be a well known and loved Elven General for this story plot.]

What The PCs Can Do: If they are elves they can volunteer in the Army. If they belong to any other race, they can be enlisted only if they prove they are trustworthy and loyal to the elves' cause (which is an adventure in itself).

KLARMONT 11, AC 1015: Atzanteotl Builds Up Forces.
Location: City of Aengmor. OW

Description: The few goblinoid Shamans of Atzanteotl still alive in the Eastern Broken Lands rally the scattered goblinoids in the area encouraging them to willfully join the Shadow Elves of Aengmor with the promise of a higher ranking within the new goblinoid hierarchy under Shadow Elves' control.
Old Hutai Khan and his horde are among the recruited ones. The elves of Aengmor, led by Xatapechtli, welcome the goblinoids and use them as cheap slave work or fodder for the army. (See Nu. 13.)

What This Means: Since Kanafasti and his group left Aengmor, Atzanteotl started coveting the city and the surrounding area for himself, so he instructed his shamans and his pawn Xatapechtli to rally all the remaining goblinoids in the area.
Rafiel doesn't oppose Atzanteotl trying to maintain the illusion that he is evil and malign rather than good and kindly, in order to protect his Shadow Elves from Atzanteotl. However, unbeknownst to him, Atzanteotl finally begun realizing that Rafiel is not what he pretends to be, so he begins coveting the Shadow Elves even more than before and puts secret plots into motion.
Hutai Khan has no love for Shadow Elves after the war in Oenkmar, but works for them while plotting to gain his own power. Unfortunately many of his subjects see this as an opportunity of getting rid of Hutai and taking his place as chief of the tribe, so they plot against him. And with the recent defeat of Deimos, the Shadow Elves are the only true power remaining in the area.

What The PCs Can Do: Hobgoblin PCs from Hutai's tribe may actively cooperate with Shadow Elves (and thus Atzanteotl) trying to gain a better status in their eyes and thus increasing their chances of being the next chief of Hutai's tribe.

KLARMONT 11, AC 1015: Death of a Hero.
Location: Raneshwar, Gunjab, Sind. OW

Description: As things look their bleakest for the Freedom Warriors inhabiting Raneshwar, the Hulean forces are suddenly attacked by two new forces, all fighting in the name of Gareth. Anand Brishnapur's small army attacks from the west, while another army, mainly comprised of Darokinians, strikes from the east. They manage to break their way through the Hulean forces, doing the opposition heavy damage, and hold the gates long enough to evacuate the town.
The casualties on the rebels' side are enormous, among them the death of Anand Brishnapur himself, who was killed during the holding action. Attempts to resurrect his body are met with failure. The Followers of Gareth take his death badly, particularly Sitara Rohini, who had become very close with the mystic. (See Kl. 9, Kl. 10; Fe. 1, Fe. 8.)

What This Means: Anand's forces were joined by reinforcements from Darokin, sent by Arturo Olivera from the church of Gareth in Akorros. The two banded together to aid their allies, but Anand was unfortunately lost. Ironically, this action will only damage the Himayas' position further - not only are the Followers of Gareth widely regarded for their heroism, but Anand Brishnapur has now become a martyr to their cause.

KLARMONT 11, AC 1015: Boldavia Defenses Broken.
Location: Boldavia, Glantri. OW

Description: The Ethengarians finally defeat the last of the Glantrian units still remaining in Boldavia. After a poor plundering of the principality, Moglai now leads them into the valleys and toward the Principality of Klantyre. (See Ya. 18, Ya. 20; Kl. 19, Fe. 3.)

What This Means: Things are not looking good for the Glantrians. Since the undead of the area have started attacking the forces on both sides, the Ethengarians have had the advantage. Although neither side has clerics, the Ethengarians have horses. This has allowed the barbaric nomads to outrun the undead forces while the Glantrians were usually forced to fight. Overall, the Glantrians have lost more men to the undead than they have to the Ethengarians. Seeing no other choice, they have retreated into the lands of Klantyre.
The undead hordes continue to roam around, apparently aimlessly, in the valleys of Boldavia.

KLARMONT 12, AC 1015: Torreon Closes its Borders.
Location: Torreon. SC

Description: With the onrush of Afflicted fleeing Narvaez, Baronesa Isabel announces that Torreon is closing all borders to Afflicted. Those that still try to enter are cut down by the border guards. (See Th. 12, Kl. 9; Kl. 18, Kl. 22.)

What This Means: Torreon, having enough problems with its own Afflicted, refused entry to the refugees to prevent it from getting worse.

KLARMONT 14, AC 1015: Mermen Sighted.
Location: Thyatis City, Thyatis. OW

Description: A severely damaged Dolphin makes port in Thyatis harbor. Upon questioning the surviving crew members, the harbormaster learns that the ship was attacked by an army of mermen just off the coast of Ochalea. They only managed to survive because they were lucky enough to have a party of adventurers on board. (See Ya. 6; Fe. 15, Fe. 19.)

What This Means: Thyatian officials now have a possible explanation to what has happened to over a dozen missing ships. They immediately send out parties to investigate the mermen. Meanwhile, all ships in the area prepare themselves for possible attacks by mermen.
The mermen have an empire somewhere beneath the southern area of the Sea of Dread, and they concentrate their attacks along the shores of the Jungle Coast and Ochalea.

What The PCs Can Do: The PCs can be among those hired by the Empire of Thyatis to explore the Sea of Dread. They will certainly be in high demand if they are known to have previous underwater adventuring experience.

Third in Review

KLARMONT 15, AC 1015: Ambush!
Location: Hilly country roughly 200 miles northwest of Vanya's Rest, eastern Davania. JC

Description: The crusaders have been making good time these past few days, thanks to the mild weather and the open terrain. Eventually they reach a line of hills, and as they cross them, they are attacked by a band of about 40 Meghaddara warriors. The Meghaddara are a Milenian/Cestian-descended people who inhabited the lands now occupied by Vanya's Rest, but were driven out by the Knights when it was built.
They now are semi-nomadic, following their herds around the Aryptian Savannah, though they have never forgotten the aggression of the Knights. The attack is fierce, and a few Knights are killed, though the band is too small to do any real damage. The Meghaddara are defeated easily, and the survivors are driven away. (See Kl. 8, Kl. 9; Fe. 9, Fe. 13.)

What This Means: The Meghaddara despise the Knights with a passion, and this band of them could not resist attacking them. Also, these lands have been claimed by them for a new homeland - many of them wish to settle down once again and rebuild their culture. Once word spreads of this battle, tensions between the two groups will only increase.

What The PCs Can Do: If they are with the Knights, the players can help fight off the attack; if they are with the Meghaddara, they may use their skills to try to drive away the Knights from this stretch of hills, which has been claimed for the construction of a new settlement.

KLARMONT 18, AC 1015: Signatory Council Disapproves.
Location: Ciudad Real, Gargona. SC

Description: In a Signatory Council Meeting, the representatives of Gargona, Almarron, and Saragon deplore Baron Hugo of Narvaez's method of channeling his people's anger just to ease the tension toward the nobility.
They announce that their nations will accept the Afflicted fleeing Narvaez with open arms. (See Kl. 9, Kl. 12; Kl. 22, Fe. 3.)

What This Means: Narvaez is once more becoming the opposition to almost all the other baronies. Still, Baron Hugo doesn't seem to mind, as he knows he'll win: Ixion is on his side.
Meanwhile, the leaders of the other baronies do their best to convince their population that the Afflicted are not carriers of some deadly plague. Since these states are enlightened, it works relatively well. Afflicted arrive without too much hassle.

KLARMONT 19, AC 1015: Klantyre Ransacked.
Location: Klantyre, Glantri. OW

Description: The horde of Ethengarian horse warriors pillage across the principality of Klantyre. Only the capital Glenmoorloch remains safe, as most Glantrian units in the area have retreated behind its wall. The Ethengarians stop and lay siege to the city. (See Ya. 20, Kl. 11; Fe. 3, Fe. 6.)

What This Means: Although Glantri City is Moglai's true destination, he's wise enough to not leave any forces behind him. That's why Glenmoorloch must fall. Still, with mages teleporting reinforcements and supplies in rather regularly, conquering Glenmoorloch is easier said than done.
Most of the Princes expected a much better defense from Klantyre. They assumed that Prince Brannart McGregor, another powerful necromancer [although no one knows he is also a lich. Ed.], would also unleash a horde of undead to face the horse warriors. Despite this belief, not one undead was seen on the battlefield. Many begin to speculate that something is wrong in Klantyre, yet representatives of the Prince assure them that he is fine.
In fact, Brannart McGregor has been destroyed. His unaging grandson, Angus McGregor (human, male, M15, stopped aging physically at the age of 10) usurped the lich-Prince several months ago and has been using illusions and magic to replace him. Since Brannart was never one to be seen in public very often, so far the plan has worked. Angus roamed around Castle McGregor and destroyed anything that could possibly be a phylactery for the lich, yet he constantly fears that he might have missed it. He therefore watches nervously for a possible return of his grandfather.
Although a prodigy in wizardry, Angus McGregor never had much training or skill in ruling a dominion. Although he could probably learn very well in time, time was not on his side and his poor management of its armed forces were the cause of Klantyre's downfall.

KLARMONT 20, AC 1015: Cinnabryl Traded Successfully.
Location: Gulf of Hule. SC

Description: This time the fleet exporting the cinnabryl from Slagovich (in exchange for red steel) successfully meets at sea with the Inheritors. There's no pirate raid. (See Va. 13, Th. 26)

What This Means: The pirates have not been defeated, but the massive escort set up by Margrave Miosz II has discouraged any would-be thieves.

Fourth Week in Review

KLARMONT 22, AC 1015: The Unsheathing.
Location: The Five Shires. OW

Description: This is a day in which no hin will trade with any Thyatian in remembrance of AC 571 when the Thyatians seized halfling settlements in the Ierendi Islands. All hin go about armed, and drink, and sing piratical songs. After the incident a few weeks ago, many hin also refuse to trade with Glantrians as well as Thyatians.
A hin pirate ship, spurred on by the emotions of the Unsheathing, attacks a Thyatian ship and sinks it. (See Ya. 12, Kl. 8; Fe. 15, Fy. 1.)

What This Means: Unfortunately, one of Thyatis's prospective World Games athletes was aboard that ship - he was on his way to the Shires to check out the local conditions so as to be better prepared for the Games. Thyatis send a formal complaint demanding the Shires do something about their 'pirate problem.'

KLARMONT 22, AC 1015: Populations Up In Arms.
Location: Narvaez and Torreon. SC

Description: The people of Narvaez embark fully on the crusade to destroy all Afflicted. Many of the peasant farmers in Torreon behave similarly, even though their government hasn't given them permission to attack the Afflicted. (See Kl. 12, Kl. 18; Fe. 3, Fe. 13.)

What This Means: Torreon and Narvaez have always disliked the Afflicted because of their deformities, and recent events have only heightened this "fear." Although the other baronies are more enlightened or accepting of the deformed, these two baronies now have their populations in arms to take care of the "Afflicted problem."
In Narvaez, the witch-hunts are legal. In Torreon, however, Baronesa Isabel has not given any form of permission to harm Afflicted, unless they are trying to enter the barony from elsewhere. Still, when an Afflicted is found murdered, most officials look the other way.
Only in Las Guajacas, which is completely inhabited by Afflicted, do the peasants fear to enter. Most Afflicted in Torreon soon flee to this haven for them.

KLARMONT 26, AC 1015: Raids in Shajarkand.
Location: Border between Sharjarkand and Jalawar, Sind. OW.

Description: The Great Migration begins rampaging and raiding numerous tiny villages on the Shajarkand border as it wends its way northwards out of Jalawar. (See Kl. 2, Kl. 6; Fe. 11.)


This is a part of letter sent by a Heldannic Knight which has made it into our hands. Since the section we received had no names on it, we do not know who wrote it, or who it was destined to. We therefore have printed it here without permission from anyone, and should the actual author read this, we hope it you are not offended by this.

Imagine my surprise to find myself thousands of miles from home, in a hot, forsaken land filled with savages and other nasty things. Fortunately, I had the good fortune to have a couple hundred Heldannic Knights with me, so I had no reason to worry about any of these things. Or so I thought.

What was I doing here? By some stroke of luck, I had been invited by the renowned Friedrich von Eisendorf to come to the remote fortress of Vanya's Rest in Davania, and document what he promised to be "The most illustrious and inspiring holy crusade the world has ever known." How he knew of me I had no idea, but it was clear that he, as well as the famous Herr Wulf von Klagendorf himself, who was also present on this journey, intended for the whole Known World to know of the Knights' exploits in Davania.

The days in the wilderness were long and hard, and many times several Knights were dispatched into the wilds to forage for whatever game could be had to supplement our rapidly-decreasing stock of rations. I will not go into detail about the encounters we had on the way to the town of Polakatsikes, but suffice it to say that the Knights had their share of challenges, most of which were met by the sword.

In truth, I had lost count of the days spent travelling through sweltering jungles, dry savannahs, and dusty scrublands. Only the cool breezes of the night brought any sort of relief from the searing heat of the sun, and even then, in the height of summer, these respites from the hell that is eastern Davania were all too short. Many of the Knights, some of whom looked as though they were hardly out of boyhood, began to lose hope that the holy goal would ever be reached. What was this goal? I suppose I should explain.

Herr Wulf had claimed that he received a holy mission from Davania, that he should lead a select force of loyal Knights from the fortress of Vanya's Rest into the interior of the continent, where an ancient enemy would be brought low to appease Vanya's thirst for conquest. In all the weeks spent trudging across eastern Davania, no signs were found of any civilization. This changed as fall approached.

Finally, Herr Wulf told us that the goal was near, and he ordered a scouting party to investigate the lands west of a nearby stretch of hills. Hours later, they returned to report that, as Wulf had promised, there was indeed a large town just to the west, near the source of a great river. Wulf immediately made plans with his most trusted advisors, while the rest of us took the opportunity to relax. The mood among the Knights was one of caution mixed with enthusiasm.

Over the next few days, the enemy was engaged on several occasions. Though I never had the chance to observe any battles but the last one, because the Knights feared that I might pose a security risk if I were captured, I still was able to see the aftermath. Bodies of foreign defenders strewn about the grasses and hillocks, mixed with those of the occasional Knight. Their armor was strange, seeming to be composed of leather, boiled in some waxy substance to give it extra strength. These soldiers carried spears and shields, though some were armed with short swords, too. Regardless, it was clear that these brave men were no comparison to the heavily-armored Knights, with their war horses and large swords. Some of the defenders had surrendered in those early days, and attempts were made to talk to them. Fortunately, the Knights had hired a Glantrian mage to assist in magical matters, and he turned his skills to allowing each side to understand the other. From the captives we learned the town's name, the size of its army, and how many people lived within its walls. I spent some time with these men, and they were, for all their strangeness, men of honor.

Finally, there came the Battle of Pelmos Hill, which, if I understand correctly, is already the subject of many songs in the Heldannic Territories far to the north. Here I watched the might of Polakatsikes beat bravely on the Knights, but to no avail. Accounts elsewhere in this Almanac will tell you, gentle reader, how events turned out on that day, the 4th of Ambyrmont, AC 1015. The Knights won a decisive victory, utterly destroying what remained of the town's army that was on the field that day, and only two days later the town of Polakatsikes capitulated to the invaders.

The days that followed were those of immense joy for the Knights. Though roughly half of the original 200 who set out with Herr Wulf to crusade for the glory of Vanya had survived, the mood was optimistic. Folk songs were sung in the taverns and public houses of the town, and the Knights marched proudly about the paved streets. Others hung Heldannic banners on every street corner, displaying the colours of each detachment that fought in the campaign. Finally, Herr Wulf himself proclaimed that all who served in the Polakatsikan Crusade would be made part of a new military order - the Champions of Vanya. Now, those same Knights strut proudly, wearing a wide red and gold tabard over their armor, with the symbol of Polakatsikes on their breasts - a golden hawk poised to take to the air.

Perhaps some future scribes will be able to put these events into perspective better than I have, but I can say for certain that the Heldannic crusade into the heart of Davania has been an experience I will never forget, for never have I seen such violence done between men, and never have I seen such passion in the fight for a cause or a belief.