Welcome to the Arcanum

Welcome to the Monsterous Arcana Page, here is where we have the Monsterous Arcana Trilogy Modules, and Adapt them to the World of Mystara from time to time, This Year I'm Adapting The Beholder Trilogy, and by the end of the Year, Evil Tide will be adapt to Mystara. As for myself, I have play in mystara for 15 years, my party has been from Dunadale, to the sunken city of carsall 100 miles off the Urduk Coast, From Alpha in Norwold, to the Island of Dread in the Thaneigoth Archeapelago. I'm DMing a Mystara Campaign, post-WOTI of course, and in one campaign, during WOTI, right now my party is rescuing the retreating Darokin army at the second battle of Fort Anselbury(Nuwmont 13 1006 a.c.) I'll update you later. Anyways i'm using my years of expertise to give you fellow DMs idea as to how to adapt various modules, and place them in this beautiful world, we call MYSTARA.

Beholder Trilogy

This link will get you to a page where i have adapted the Beholder Trilogy, and found it a place on Mystara, place from Soderfjord in the Northern Reaches to Bellayne in the Savage Frontier.

Shark-kin/Sahuagin Trilogy

This link will take to adapt of where to place the module series of the Shark-kin/Sahuagin trilogy. Sent your Party 'Under the Sea.' **The Trilogy has finally been completed, check it out!!!**


That's Right the Mind Flayers will be the focus for 1998, and their module trilogy is a series in which the Mind Flayers plot the extinguish the Sun, whether it's in the Hollow World, or Mystara and extinguish All on the Surface. the Only question is that if they can surface, near absolute Zero Temperature themselves?!!

Update: May 30th 1999

The Known World section is 50% complete!!!!!!

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