The Universities of Magic

This section, brought to you by Dorrik Stonecleaver, gives morestatistical details about the schools of magic. Further information, including new spells, kits, and skills can be found for the Great School of Magic in the Glantri: Kingdom of Magic box set [or the old GAZ3: The Principalities of Glantri. Ed.] while notes on the School of Magecraft are available in the Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure box set.

Great School of Magic

Location: Glantri City, Glantri.
Admission Requirements: Intelligence 13.
Tuition: 5 ducats (gp) per day per level.
Dormitories: Yes; add 5 ducats per day.
Duration of Basic Studies: Varies according to student.
Required Courses: None. Student must learn at least 6 spells per level and must reach 9th level to be considered for ending his basic studies. Courses are optional.

Courses Available: Alchemy, Ancient History, Astrology, Brewing, Cooking, Disguise, Etiquette, Fire-building, Gem Cutting, Herbalism, Languages(ancient and modern), Local History (Glantri), Meditation, Monster Lore, Navigation, Reading/Writing, Riding (airborne), Spellcraft, and Spellflash.

A course lasts up to 3 months and a proficiency slot is still required to learn the skill.

Spells Available: All spells from the PHB, Tome of Magic, Complete Wizard's Hanbook, Player's Option: Spells & Magic as well as from Glantri: Kingdom of Magic are available. A student's master might have a say as to which spells he may/should learn. Note that Glantrians call most spells by other names (example: Fireball is known as Deathfire's Rapture).

Specialty Mage Classes Available: Abjurer, Conjurer, Diviner, Enchanter, Illusionist, Invoker, Necromancer, and Transmuter.

School of Magecraft

Location: Krakatos, Karameikos.
Admission Requirements: Must be human or demi-human (although an exception was made for a frost giant). Cannot be a known criminal in Karameikos or allied nations. Obviously evil candidates will also be rejected.
Tuition: 1000 royals (gp) per academic year, 2500 royals (gp) for advanced students. Royal scholarships are available for promising students.
Dormitories: No, although cheap lodging is available in the nearby town of Krakatos.
Duration of Basic Studies: 6 semesters over a period of three years. Two semesters are offered a year. The first one is from Thaumont 15 to Fyrmont1, and the second semester is from Fyrmont 2 to Kaldmont 15. After the second semesters, students have 3 months off to go home or work to raise money for tuition.
Required Courses: The Spell Primer.

First semester: Charm Person, Detect Magic, Enlarge/Reduce, Feather Fall, Hold Portal, and Identify.

Second Semester: Light, Magic Missile, Read Magic, Shield, Shocking Graps, and Sleep.

Third Semester: Darkness 15' Radius, Detect Evil/Good, Detect Invisibility, Flaming Sphere, Invisibility, and Knock/Lock.

Fourth Semester: Levitate, Magic Mouth, Mirror Image, Stinking Cloud, Web, and Wizard Lock.

Fifth Semester: Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic, Explosive Runes, Fireball, Fly, and Haste.

Sixth Semester: Hold Person, Infravision, Lightning Bolt, Slow, Suggestion, and Water Breathing.

Upon learning all these spells [which means reaching at least level 5. Ed.], the student becomes an advanced student. His tuition increases, but he may then take whichever class he desires from the courses available.

Courses Available: Each spell is a separate course. All first to third level spells from the PHB are offered as courses. Most fourth and fifth level spells are also available. Just less than half of the sixth level spells are taught at the School of Magecraft, while classes on seventh level spells are rare. The exact list is up to the DM, and should be expanding as students discover new spells and add them to the library collection. Faculty may forbid certain spells, typically those involving summoning fiends or other dangerous results if cast improperly.

Faculty members have access to all spells of the PHB and most of the spells from the Tome of Magic. They can teach a promising student any such spell in private if they deem him worthy of that knowledge.

Spells Available: See Courses Available.

Specialty Mage Classes Available: none (although Air and Water Elementalists should be appearing soon).