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Welcome to the birth of a new stable one that will soon sweep Cyberslam like a wildfire.

Right now, phase 1 is complete, the birth of a new stable with members in the IAPWF, CWO, and CWFe. At this moment we're currently attempting to takeover the IAPWF, the reason for the creation of this stable is to create a force that will grow and take on Xtasy as a equal in the CWO, and later attempt to grow and take over the CWFe away from the Covenant, and the Nocturnal Supremacy.

Phase 2 will be the growth of this stable, and will be complete when we become a major force in one of the major Feds. This can become a reality in January.

Phase 3 will be recognition as a Major Stable in C-slam, equal to the likes of the Proof, Nocturnal Supremacy, the Assassin Guild, Xtasy, and the Covenant.

Phase 4 will be our invasion of the Elites by invitation. Right now, myself in the Elites puts me in a weak position right now. Yet I fight on.

And our final phase, the Invasion of the CFL.

I have recruited the finest slammers, that I can find, the gems that will one day become the Jewels of C-slam.

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