1. We are a stable, dedicated to making ourselves, and helping other members of our stable to become better flashers than they were before.

  2. If you are put in a match that pits stablemate against stablemate, don't think of it as a plot to break up the stable, but the commish's way of saying "we are the most entertaining thing in that fed."

  3. New Members requests will be submitted to me, to determine if they have potential, then I will bring this matter to the Inner Circle to determine, if the slammer meets or Has the potential to be a Sabbat member.

  4. All Sponsors to the New Members must state to the Inner Circle as to why We should allow this member to join, that new member is to make his statement as to why he should join, and how he could contribute to this stable.

  5. I will allow two slammers per person to join this stable, if you're able to share your talents between those two slammers.

  6. All Sabbat members will be able to help each other by means of Email, ICQ, or the Sabbat Board of Doom.

  7. All betrayers will be punished to the point of our swords, if you leave on a good note, we will attempt to help boost your standing in your fed by means of a feud, only if you don't have any feud going outside the Stable.

  8. All problems can be given to me, or members of the Inner Circle for us to solve them.

  9. New Members picked by members of the Inner Circle will be given a trial membership to see how they do. At the end of the month, the membership will be Decided by a Vote by the Inner Circle

    Now that the policies are given here's a list of our Inner Circle

Slammer's name


Jack Diamond

Stable Head and Titan President


Ambassador from the Conspiracy Theory


IAPWF Leader

The Reaper

CWO Leader, And Hyperion President


Chief Adviser to the Stable Head


IMAW Leader


IUKWA Leader and "Official" Sabbat President in C-Slam

These members will determine, and help the Sabbat Dominate not only C-Slam but Wrasslenet as well, our mission is to takeover all of the Cyberwrestling world. Other business affairs will be brought before the stable committee that will be made up of the Inner Circle and other Fed. Leaders

As your commisioner in the IAPWF, I will not show Favortism toward members of my stable, It goes against my policies I adhere to as a commisioner.

As for the case with Tundra's Disappearance in the IAPWF, it was discovered that Tundra was actually Burnt, a slammer who was put on the Banned list by Diablolique. Now The_Outkast is going to be promoted to the CWO, by myself as a Commisioner Recommendation to Themadness. So i will be making a pick for next Stable Leader for the IAPWF, my decision will shock you in the future. So don't be so surprised by my choice.

Trial Membership is going to be given to Drag_on and Darkseed to see if they are dedicated enough to join this stable, a final Decision will be given to determined if they will be given Full Membership during the final week of October.