The Shark-kin/Sahuagin Series

For those of you planning to use the Sahuagin/Shark-kin series for your campaign. My recommendation is to use the Module 'Murky Deep' as a prelude to the series. (from here on the Shark-kin/Sahuagin series will be write as the Sahuagin series to save space.) In using the prelude, you can make the characters be the cause for the sahuagin attacks on the SE coast of Brun. In my campaign, I started 'Murky Deep' at the port city of Athenos and sent them sailing toward the Urduk Coast to the Dragon's Teeth, 100 off the tip of the Urduk Plains, there they came upon the Sunken City of Carsall, after finishing their mission they later were attacked at sea by the Sahuagins, and lost only to be save by the priestess who took back her four Elemantal artifacts, such as the Bowl of W.E. Summoning or The Censer of Air Elemental Summoning, and order her troops to leave, back to the deep. The result during my campaign's WOTI was that the priestess in the temple, informed the king of the Defilement to her temple by those humans. now, the Sahuagin are causing trouble in Sind, wrecking ships, and attacking Sind merchant vessels prior to Sind becoming a subject nation to Sind, this weakened Sind's Coastal Provinces. They took over Whale Bone Island, taking it from the Autraghin's Turtle Tribe. and finally moved in and Conquered Elegy Island. The result of that brought Ierendei into the fray in 1005 A.C., along with Sea Kingdom of Smaar, who help Ierendei take back their Island and caused the Sahuagin Kingdom to War with Smaar, an Undersea kingdom of Triton, Merrow, and Sea-Elves(see the Sea People Accesory) This War is in a Stalemate with the Smaar holding a Fortress in Pearl Lagoon, and the Sahuagin Having to travel from their Kingdom, and Baronies near the Urduk Coast. At this Moment, I'm making them the reason Darokin, and it's Allies couldn't help liberate Sind by sea, due to the Sahuagin in the vicinity, who allied with both The Black Rajah, and the Master of Hule(you know, Hule's got a weak navy.) You can use this idea for your campaign or if you are using the post-WOTI, you can start in Athenos, Darokin, for Murky Deep. after the adventure have where the priestess inform her king about the invasion of her temple of Crakkak of the Sharp Tooth, Sekolah, or even Umberlee. The King order via his Deepsong to all barons in his area to send troops to ravage the northern coasts of the Sea of Dread, This will send Sahuagin to destroy port in Sind, and Ierendei starting which prompt Smaar to meet the invade at Elegy, and causing the undersea water between the Sauhagin nation of Sharkara and Smaar. The war will escalate for a year, and will be deadlocked with Smaar setting up Fortresses in Pearl Lagoon, and off the Southern shores of Ierendei, so the Sahuagin will ravage the western Sea of Dread from Jalawar to the Western Coast of Ierendei with incursion at Port Tenobar, Darokin. For Evil Tide, My recommendation is the use Elegy Isle or have Angler's Island about 80 NE of Mahipa Tower, and 48 miles northwest of North Keep. The idea of using Murky Deep works only in Athenos, the result is that the trilogy must be played in the Western Sea of Dread, in order for the Sahuagin terror in the Known World to work, part of the Sahuagin revenge factor. Or, you could use Orlin Isle off the Five Shires, if you wish your campaign to be close to Karameikos, for Evil Tide. and disregard Murky Deep, unless you can put Carsall somewhere southeast of Elegy, and have it as a sunken Nithian City. One other good, place is to have Angler's Island Between West Portage, and Tel Akbir, and have the island be a stop point for ships from Heldanner to Sind who travel in this very active area of the Sea of Dread. In the Sea of Dawn, to run Evil Tide, have Angler's Island 40 miles SW of Aeria, Seaquakes from Aegos caused a fissure to open up near Angler's island and this will attract a Sahuagin Baron in the Module. If you Have Poor Wizard's Almanac II, it has a Sea Current map, which is helpful in placing Sahuagin Settlements in the Game. The Arcana recommends that the Sahuagin live in warm waters, only in place up to 2000 ft. Deep below sea level. All coast area of the Sea of Dread are perfect with the Exception of the Eastern Thaneigoth Archeapelago. Which can be home to the Anguiliians, Deep Water crosses between Sahuagin and Eels, The Archeapelago is surrounded by the Abyss a very deep expanse of water. Warm Water of the Tropic(30 Degrees or less Latitude) are good for Sahuagin settlements, like the Pearl Islands, Ochealea, and the Jungle coast from Kastelios to Nagpa Point. The Western coast of the Isle of Dawn from Redstone Castle to Caerdwicca are good choice for sahuagin settlement, the Alatian Islands with exception of Aeria are good(note areas around Aegos up to 100 miles are good due to what the Earthquakes in Aegos are causing,) and Bellisaria from Alinquin to Spearpoint of kingdom of Surshield. The Sea of Dawn is not Recommend for Sahuagin Settlement due to the Cold Water flowing in from the Esterhold Peninsula and Norwold. These are the areas chosen for Sahuagin settlements in the Known world.


For the Savage Coast, my choice for Evil Tide is to place Angler's Island somewhere in the Vicinity of the City-State of Hojah. Other Choice in the Gulf of Hule, are a Small Island 20 mile SE of Velha Navahla in Texieras is a good choice, (Note: Anyplace I chose that is within the vicinity of Texieras, and Villaverde, should have Angler's Island renamed, Ilhas Pescadores [pronounced 'pesh-ca-dores'], for lands belonging to other Savage Baronies rename it 'Isla de los pescadores[pronounced 'pez-ca-dores']) one of the Baronies primere naval power having sahuagin trouble is very curious, and interesting for a campaign, my third Gulf of Hule choice is to have a small island off isla de cayos, Gargona. Any of theses three choice will turn the Gulf of hule into a real Sea of Blood. In the central Savage Coast, In the Druidic nation of Robrenn, the small island of Senerobrivia in the Barony of Ulthiun is an ideal choice, or a small island between Las Ihlas Gemeas, in the Protectarado de Presa, a Texieran colony is a good choice, even if Poroca, and Porto del Sul are ruined cities. and finally the islands of Terra Leaca S. of Bellayne is an ideal setting to place an island. Unfortunately no island where chosen for the Orc's Head Peninsula region, since i have no reference to the region, And finally, I believe Trident Bay's Water's to be cold, unless you wish to put an El Nino effect there. :) (hah hah hah hah ha)

Night Of The Shark

For Night of the Shark to happen you have to place the site for the City of Abiding Hunger, at 150 miles from Angleburg site of Evil Tide. For the ship known in the Module as "The Fortunate Son." depend on where you base your warriors from. If they are on the Known World side, the Ship could be from the Yavldom Divinarchy, if you wish to Expand your adventure there, and you could later run the Expansion of Jakandor Island of War. Or, if you wish to take them to the Savage Coast, you can make the Ship Villaverden, or Texieran, since these two nations have been known to travel far and wide, and name the ship 'El Hijo Fortunato'. On the savage coast side, the Fortunate Sons origin can be Yavldom, Minrothad, whose captains are sometime Shipmages, or the Doomed Karameikan voyagers that tried to Sail around the World, but died in vain after the Captain bought the Nekton Fragments in Jaibul, and Created the Apodalyse, this will answer the question as the fate of the Voyager from Karameikos, for the map found in the Module, place in the Yavldom's Serpent Sea (see the map in the Champions of Mystara Box Set,) a Sea ringed by Various small but very swampy islands, north of Tanakumba. or the Islands can be the islands formed by the sinking of Alphatia since it has a Maelstorm, my last selection for the maps treasure is the Thanegoith Archeapelago which is largely unexplored, as for the Trident Surge's Diety, it Could be one of the OLD ONES. good luck, and wait for our final update, Sea of Blood.

Sea of Blood

The Sea of Blood module needs no modification all you need is to add fissure to the ocean flow, have your character play the Part of 'Dr. Kimball' aka the Fugitive and try to discover alot about the stone that abides and see if they can prevent a war between the human and Sahuagin/Shark-kin in the process, as well as rescue as human Archaelogist. For the arena portion of the module, try to put in creature that might pose a challenge to your party. also it might be wise to get your party to invest in long term underwater breathing artifact or magical items because they'll need it to survive the encounter, like meeting a living immortal of the deep. Have fun with the Trilogy.

Since the Wrath of the Immortals, Adventurers has been killed by Sahuagin

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