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The Illithiad Trilogy

The Illithiad Trilogy is a trilogy set that start in a coastside town, the catch is that their isn't any coastal encounter in the first module. and ends offworld on a discworld, and a satellite in wildspace. For the Known World, the best site i chose for the series, is a city that isn't next to any body of water at all, yet a river runs through it. it none other than....
Glantri City, Glantri

The main reason for the choice of Glantri city for the first part of the Illithiad is the Biggest kept secret in Glantri, The Radiance. The Illithid want to erase the sun, the use of the Radiance might just be the key, the adventure takes place underground in the sewer, so get ready to sewer, I know that you fans are saying isn't Glantri suppose to be like Venice. If you looked at the movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, you'll note the there underground tunnel in Venice, possibly under the channels. Every old city of Medieval had to have escape tunnel even under moats or in Glantri's case Channel. How is the Unseen Hand able to operate. Next thing instead of a new religion being introduced, call it a new philosophy being tought to the Glantrian, remember religion is illegal in Glantri, Philosophy isn't. Locale is ideal to talk about a last return of winter for the year. For part, it asked as a side adventure to use 'farmyr' to say that the same is happening there, a good subsitute for Farmyr is Brastar, Head the PCs over to either the North Collosus Mountains or the Southern Wendarian Reaches to run Part II of the Trilogy which need for you to explore a small crater cover in ice, and snow. these two mountain ranges can make it possible to hide the small crater within it's range, i chose a northern to suit the illithid form. Remember it a hard module fighting Brain Golem, is not like fighting Flesh Golem, these can be Psionic. Use playing cards to determine the location of the certain objects and the Nauthaloid ship, get to part III which is a self contained module. The Result of your victory or defeat could get in favor with Ixion, and gain the hatred of an entire race, that spans the multiverse. Fail miserably and it's the end of your home plane as we see it. Some time soon, next month, i will describe my reason for the only alternate Known World site for Stormpoint, known as Athenos, Darokin.

Athenos, Darokin

Athenos, Darokin is an old city with a long history of being a port of call for many ships from the far east, who call this there westernmost point. Darokin Merchant their give them a better price, then those who live in Sindh, without the worries of Jaibuli Pirates. Athenos has a lot of people from many different nations living in it's foreign quarter and the port section. So it's nature that the city accepts various philosophies, and religions. The Illithid could have started their agenda in this area, to prepare Athenos as their soon-to-be version of Skullport, once their plan succeeds. The idea of a offworlder living in Athenos is good, considering that some Spelljamming ships look a lot like normal Naval vessel, that and the fact that skyships are uncommon in the known world. you note that Athenos is old, so old that it house many unused sewers system, in fact i chose this city in my campaign as the unofficial mystara site to the Undermountain Modules. A good subsitute to the town of Farmyr for part 2 would be the City of Corunglain, set the crater episode of the second module to a crater located in an unmoved Glacier in the Broken Lands, if you look at the broken lands map, and any map adjoining the Broken Lands, you find a Glacier there, this is perfect for the adventure. For the moment other site where also chosen for the part of Stormport in the Known world, Post-WOTI, one of the most exotic location for is Port Marlin, and Rock Harbor in the Nentsun Peninsula, these would a way to introduce your character to the Jennites, Farmyr can be placed anywhere north of these two towns. It would be interesting how the Jens Anti-Alphatia Sentiment was caused by illithids using propaganda. more to come later, this month.