Oracle's Edicts

Here's an update, for you right now, currently I'm working on the Dungeon Module adaption for issues 67, and 68. and the Module Uzgalu of the Underdark from dungeon 67, that section can be used to decide for yourself where you want to run the Night Below: Underdark Campaign Expansion is you wish, click on Dungeon 67 and read the Uzgalu section, to run your Night Below Campaign.

Rod of Seven Parts

The Rod of Seven Parts module will be done in two formats and in three or four parts. The two formats will be during the Wrath Of The Immortals (WOTI) will have 3 parts and after the Wrath, which we call Post-Wrath Era or PWE will have four parts, the four parts of these formats are for those whose which to run it 1. Primarily in The Known World, 2. Primarily in the Savage Frontier, or for a truly globe trotting experience, The Entire continent of Brun from Thyatis to Jibaru , and the fourth (PWE only) in the Hollow World only (in it's own web page). There will be Two Web page dedicated to Rod of the Seven, in their respective time frames plus one more for PWE Hollow world. right now all three page are under construction and will be available when the time comes.

Dungeon Adventure Magazine

This link will get you to the Dungeon Magazine adaption to the world of Mystara, I hope you enjoy it. Here the links to issue #66 #67

The Mystaran Preservation Society members

Fabrizio Paoli Mystara website.
This guy writes a good website and is one of the most primiere guy on the Mystara Mailing List
Herve Musseau's Mystara webpage
Herve Musseau has plenty of Mystaran files by which you can use for your mystara campaign.
Mystara Mailing Lists Homepage
This is the hub of where I get new insites and info, on improving as well as give my own kind of information.
DLLegend's page
Need to get the lost maps of the voyage of the Prince Ark go to DLLegend's web page for more info, as well as some interesting information.
Realm of Underocean
Visit Daly's site and see a realm of beauty known as the realm of Underocean, set in the Aqua region of the New Alphatian Sea.
The Karameikan School of Magecraft
Galwylin's homepage, here's where you can get some interesting information about Karameikos and it's brand new School of Magecraft
Mystara Gazeeteer
Haavard's Site from Norway, This guy is a regular on the MML, so he does have some good items on the web.

Since the temple was built had asked for the Oracles advice.